Home Learning

Good morning Reception!

We do hope you were able to enjoy the snow at the weekend with your families.

Today whilst you are at home, here are some learning activities for you to do with your grown-ups:

  • Practise saying all sounds which have been sent home and letter formation for those sounds.
  • Children with High Frequency Words – practise reading and spelling these. Please think carefully about your letter formation as you practise your spellings.
  • Children with reading books to practise their reading and retelling the story.
  • Enjoy sound or number hunts around your home or outside in the snow!
  • Can you make patterns with your toys?
  • Have you spotted any prints in the snow? What animal do you think made them?….

It would be wonderful if you could send in any photos showing how busy you have been today, or the fun you had in the snow over the weekend. We will share these with our friends in class and include them in our blogs. Please send your lovely photos to: postbox@rushall.walsall.sch.uk.

Take care everyone and see you soon,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Children in Need Day

Reception had a fantastic day! We talked about why and how we can help other children on this special day.

We had a very busy day enjoying lots of Pudsey and spotty pattern activities…

Reception also danced as their some of their favourite CBeebies characters sang a song for Children in Need…

We helped to raise more money for Children in Need by adding coins to Pudsey…

Well done Reception!

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Glorious Poppies!

We learned that poppies show we remember people that have helped us.

Reception created fabulous poppies, using watercolour paint. They also worked well together to create a bold and beautiful large scale collage poppy, using paint and different papers and fabrics. These thoughtful pieces of art work look amazing in our classroom!

The children also worked independently to make their own poppies during Busy Time…

There are also fantastic poppies the children made at home…

Well done Reception!

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Halloween Day

Reception looked amazing in their Halloween costumes!

A big ‘Thank You!’ to all our families for helping to make it such a fantastic day for the children.

It was a very busy and enjoyable day, full of Halloween activities such as writing spells and making potions in the Witches Den; making play dough Halloween shapes; creating Halloween pictures on the computer; using soft pastels to draw Halloween pictures and problem solving by cutting and sticking different shapes to make a witch.

Thank you Reception for a super spooky day!

Best wishes,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert…

Festivals and celebrations

Reception were very busy learning about Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ and how it is celebrated. The children explored pattern through rangoli and mendhi patterns.

Reception worked as a team to create a big rangoli pattern using soft pastels, thinking carefully about colour and symmetrical pattern.

Reception also enjoyed…

tasting delicious samosas and…

listening to Diwali music and following dance movements.

Take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Happy Harvest Festival!

Autumn time brings a beautiful display of colour. It is also the time of year we give thanks for the food we eat and the crops that are harvested.

To show our thanks and to celebrate, the children have been working hard learning new songs. We are so very proud of all the children. They are fabulous superstars!

Reception proudly present our Harvest Festival performance….

Best wishes,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Time to explore!

Reception had a fantastic time down at the woods. It was a beautiful autumn day, sunny and bright.

We gathered at Basecamp and talked about how we can look after the woods. We also talked about what we could see, hear and smell around us.

We climbed and balanced…

The children really enjoyed finding sticks to make their own stick men.

They also loved playing in the camp kitchen!

When they hear the call, “Back to Basecamp!”, Reception all rush back to gather at Basecamp.

Take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Harvesting our beans and seeds

It was time to harvest our very own runner beans and sunflower seeds that we had grown in our garden.

We learned that runner beans are healthy food and can be cooked and eaten and that sunflower seeds are healthy food too. We also began to learn that when our plants no longer grow, the beans and seeds we harvest from them can grow into new plants.

Our runner bean plant grew so many leaves it became our den!

It was soon time to harvest our beans…

We loved using our hands to split the long bean pods open and found big, shiny, colourful runner beans inside!

After a few days we discovered that little green shoots had begun to grow!

Our sunflower had grown very very tall! It was enormous!

Soon the sunflower seeds were ready to harvest.

There were lots and lots of seeds to pick out. We had a great time working together and used our fingers and tweezers to harvest the seeds.

We looked more closely at the empty sunflower head with magnifying glasses…

We saw lots of little seed pockets and when we felt it with our hands we found that it was spiky.

Mrs Gilbert very kindly brought in some seed pods from her garden to show us. The children were really interested to hear the tiny seeds rattle inside as they shook them and then they split the pods to harvest the seeds which will be grown into new plants.

Best wishes,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Ourselves and Belonging

As part of the whole school topic ‘Belonging’ and our class topic ‘Ourselves’, Reception have created beautiful self-portraits. They looked at a mirror as they painted, thinking carefully about the different parts of their faces.

Please enjoy these lovely pictures – together they show that we are unique and that we all belong to the Rushall family!

Guess who?

Take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

New Beginnings!

It has been lovely to welcome all our new Reception children. They have begun their time in Reception in a truly wonderful way, making friends, having fun and getting to know the new routine.

Well done Reception! What a fantastic start to our year together!

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert