Time to explore!

Reception had a fantastic time down at the woods. It was a beautiful autumn day, sunny and bright.

We gathered at Basecamp and talked about how we can look after the woods. We also talked about what we could see, hear and smell around us.

We climbed and balanced…

The children really enjoyed finding sticks to make their own stick men.

They also loved playing in the camp kitchen!

When they hear the call, “Back to Basecamp!”, Reception all rush back to gather at Basecamp.

Take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Harvesting our beans and seeds

It was time to harvest our very own runner beans and sunflower seeds that we had grown in our garden.

We learned that runner beans are healthy food and can be cooked and eaten and that sunflower seeds are healthy food too. We also began to learn that when our plants no longer grow, the beans and seeds we harvest from them can grow into new plants.

Our runner bean plant grew so many leaves it became our den!

It was soon time to harvest our beans…

We loved using our hands to split the long bean pods open and found big, shiny, colourful runner beans inside!

After a few days we discovered that little green shoots had begun to grow!

Our sunflower had grown very very tall! It was enormous!

Soon the sunflower seeds were ready to harvest.

There were lots and lots of seeds to pick out. We had a great time working together and used our fingers and tweezers to harvest the seeds.

We looked more closely at the empty sunflower head with magnifying glasses…

We saw lots of little seed pockets and when we felt it with our hands we found that it was spiky.

Mrs Gilbert very kindly brought in some seed pods from her garden to show us. The children were really interested to hear the tiny seeds rattle inside as they shook them and then they split the pods to harvest the seeds which will be grown into new plants.

Best wishes,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert

Ourselves and Belonging

As part of the whole school topic ‘Belonging’ and our class topic ‘Ourselves’, Reception have created beautiful self-portraits. They looked at a mirror as they painted, thinking carefully about the different parts of their faces.

Please enjoy these lovely pictures – together they show that we are unique and that we all belong to the Rushall family!

Guess who?

Take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gilbert